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What To Expect
By Season

  • Spring

    Walleye and Perch fishing is excellent both before and after their spawn. Bass fishing is good in early spring and great in the middle and end as the weather and water warms. Panfish are decent in early spring and great after the weather warms. Rainbow Trout fishing is great all spring with some of the biggest rainbows caught in early spring, just when the ice cap comes off the lake, if we ice over.

  • Summer

    Summer is a great for all species although walleye can be tough with extended hot periods in July and August.  September is one of the best months to fish this lake as the fish are more concentrated with the annual drop in water level that occurs.  The lake is at high pool in May and by September 15th has dropped 15-18’.  By October the level is on the rise again. 

  • Fall

    Fall is great for bass until we see our sub-freezing daytime temperatures.  This doesn’t turn the bite off completely but really slows them down. Walleye and perch are great all fall and usually gets better and better as the water cools. Trout are great this time of year, too.

  • Winter

    Walleye and Perch are excellent throughout the winter. Trout can be really good during the winter especially on warmer sunny days. Ice fishing, primarily for perch & walleye, is great when we have safe ice, which does not occur each winter. Always give us a call to ask for current weather and fishing conditions. (509) 346.2651

Fish Activity Calendar

Fish Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Walleye * *
LM Bass * *
SM Bass * *
Trout * *
Bluegill * *
Perch * *
Crappie * *
Channel Catfish * *
Carp - Bow & Arrow * *
* Possible Ice Fishing Excellent Good Fair